Wednesday, November 16, 2011 automatically takes to

 Does automatically takes  to
If you find yourself on a country-specific Google homepage, such as, you can always easily get back to by clicking the link below the search box.

Changing your settings

If you'd rather use a different Google site, like, no matter where you are, try one of the following tips:
  • Click the link on any other domain.
  • Choose a Google domain manually by visiting the Language Tools page (the section with the flags).
  • Bookmark This is an alternative web address for that always takes you to without redirecting you. 

Make sure your browser's cookies are enabled
Your Google settings are saved in a cookie, so if cookies aren't enabled the preferences you pick won't be saved. Learn how to turn on cookies in common browsers.

Reporting incorrect IP detection

Are we sending you to the wrong Google domain? For example, you’re located in Australia ( but you’re being sent to the Google domain for the INDIA
( If so, we may be detecting your IP address incorrectly.

If you’re continuously seeing the wrong domain, just let us know about the issue and we'll update your IP address in about a month. In the meantime, review the section above to choose the Google site you want.


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